Friday, August 8, 2014

Colorado Trip!!!

My family and I spent the past week in Colorado with my mom's side of the family. It took us two days to drive there.
 We all love driving in the car!
 This was my first view of Utah. I was not favorably impressed after all I had heard about how beautiful it was.
 But then we came to places such as this and I changed my mind :)

 When we arrived in Colorado we were happy to eat at our favorite restraunt; Cracker Barrel!!
 We celebrated my uncle's wedding with an "I Do" barbeque reception. There was lots of family and friends of the couple.
 On the left is my great aunt Lucy chatting with my aunt Alana
 These two are best pals! My cousin Madden is on the left and my other cousin Henry is on the right.

You remember Clay :)
My uncle's wife, Melissa is a 7th grade teacher. One of her students made these lovely cupcakes!

 Elianna was very happy to see her Grandpa! :)
 This is my mom's dad and her younger sister (Alana)
 This is one of my mom's brothers. He is my uncle Justin. He likes the camera :):)
 This is my mom's oldest son. His name is Sean ;) Next to him is my cousin, Sarah. She is Uncle Justin's daughter.
 This is Sarah and her mom, Uncle Justin's wife.
 Here is my mom's whole family with spouses included. From left to right: Mom's youngest sister, Alana and her husband Spencer, Mom, who is the oldest child, and Dad, next Uncle Ethan and his wife, Melissa. They are the ones who's wedding we are celebrating. Next to them is my grandparents and then Uncle Justin and his wife, Jean. They are all wonderful extended family.
 My aunt found this Coke bottle for Hannah. In case your eyesight is failing, the label says, "Share a Coke with Hannah" She was pretty thrilled.
 On Tuesday we went on a train ride in Georgetown. There was a bridge over a river. It was really cool. Colorado is beautiful!
 My wonderful family.
 My Uncle Spencer has a new hobby, photography.
I don't  believe you have met Anna yet. She is Justin and Jean's daughter and Sarah and Henry's sister. She is holding Paige because Paige was scared of the engine whistling.

 Here is Sean and my grandparents enjoying the train ride.
 We toured a retired silver mine. It was chilly, wet and really cool. It was raining outside so once the electricity went out. But not for too long thankfully!! :)
 Did you know that liquified silver is called Dragon's Blood?? That trivia fact was for you, Hannah III :)
 The train ride was a blast. I could have ridden it all day long through beautiful Colorado mountains.

 Georgetown is this really cute little, old town that had this amazing homemade ice cream store. As you can see, Henry thoroughly enjoyed his ice cream. If you ever go through there stop by and try their brownie sundae ice cream. It is full of huge chunks of brownie! :)
  "No!! My ice cream!!!"
 Mum and Dad enjoyed strolling up and down the small main street.
Elli tried  to figure out how to push her own stroller :)

 This is everyone all together. Please note that all 26 people are looking at the camera and looking as normal as anyone in the Steenson clan can look ;):)
We had a wonderful week together filled with swimming, Foosball, ping pong, food, Captain America, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Catch Phrase and Pinochle. It was fun just to be all together for a week!


  1. Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!! Looks like a ton of fun!!!!!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the photo of Hannah and her ice cream. I'm also very protective of my ice cream ;)

    1. hahaha yeah no one gets between me and my ice cream :) Actually the protectiveness runs in the female side of my family ;)

  3. That was a great Week!!!

    1. yeah it was fun spending it with you :)

  4. That trivia fact. is. awesome. I love caves, I love mines, I love dragons, yup, perfect. ;P Thank you!!! Looks beautiful! And good choice in movies...well, one of them. ;D I'm so glad you had a blast, but I'm also happy you have returned. x-)

    1. Hahaha. I love all those things too :)
      Thanks! I thought you would approve of our choice :);)
      I am glad you be home too. I missed you :)