Tuesday, July 29, 2014

San Diego Visit and Baby Nora

 Baby Nora was welcomed into the world by 4 extremely excited siblings and three even more extremely excited cousins ;)

 Her brothers were very proud to wear shirts that proclaimed their status of Big Brother. Paige and Nora had matching dresses.
 Daddy got her all ready for her first car ride!
 First family picture.
 Hannah borrowed my camera and had fun with Elli :)

 She is quite the goofball sometimes!!!

  Nora's shirt says "Sweet like auntie" ;)

 Sleeping princess

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fun at the Beach!

Kiddos at Play!!

Hannah and I have been staying with my aunt and uncle for the past week. We are here to help take care of their kids while my aunt had a baby and as she is recuperating!! My cousins are lots of fun and Han and I have been enjoying ourselves a lot!!

Paige was the youngest of my cousins. She is like a little dutch doll with a firecracker personality. She is adorable

 Blake is four and he is awesome!!

This is Clay. He shares my birthday and is my little buddy.

Madden is the oldest and he takes his position seriously. :):)
 Elianna is just learning how to do slides and apparently she is much braver in that regard than the rest of her siblings :)
          Here they are, all together, waiting to meet their new sibling!!! :):)

Monday, July 7, 2014

My Lighthouse by Rend Collective Experiment

I really like this music video for 6 reasons.
1.I like the song; it is a really good song.
2. I like the band. Rend Collective Experiment is from Northern Ireland. They are all Irish and I like  Irish people, music, country and weather
3. I think it is cool that they filmed the video on a fishing boat.
4. I like the band's outfits. They are unique and look like a modern spin on traditional outfits.
5. I like the one scene where some of them are standing together and a wave comes and splashes  them in the face. It has happened to me several times in my life. :)
6. I like the goldfish :):)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fun in the Sprinklers

It has been very hot here in our corner of California; like close to 100. Where we live it stays hot into the evening. Yesterday evening my little brothers got to play in the sprinklers that water our lawn. They had a blast chasing each other back and forth through the refreshing water.

 Nathan Will Conquer the Water!!!
I think he is pretty cute even when he is dripping wet:)
 Elianna decided not to brave the sprinklers but she had fun watching her older brother's antics. ;)

Brendan impersonating girls facing the "scary" sprinklers :):)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Invitation Etiquette

I love receiving invitations to parties and events!! Who doesn't?? I have also been involved in organizing events that require sending invitations. In both sending and receiving invitations I have learned some interesting things; namely, there are proper rules of etiquette that involve invitations. I also discovered that I have broken just about all of them at sometime or the other :\  Anyways, I thought I would share some basic invitation etiquette rules with you so that you can avoid my mistakes ;);)

Sending an Invitation:
1. Make sure your invitation style matches the event style (formal, informal, etc.)
2. When asking for an RSVP be sure to leave contact information. If you want people to RSVP then you need to give them a way to do so.
3. Be sure to give enough details. It is not nice to leave the invited guests in the dark as to what they
are requested to attend

Receiving an Invitation:
1. If the invitation asks for an RSVP, respond whether you are planing on attending or not.  Your host needs to know how many people are coming in order to plan many of the details.  Besides, there is nothing as annoying as sending out an invitation and not hearing at all from some people. Are they coming or not??
2. Try to RSVP within 2 or 3 days of receiving the invitation. This is especially important if the invitation is to an event that is happening soon.
3. Be sure to RSVP for the exact number of people attending. It helps the host\hostess's planning process.
4. In the case of formal invitations, don't decide last minute that you are planing on coming when you already RSVP'd that you weren't. It is o.k to do this for some informal events but it still can be rather annoying so try to avoid it all together.