Sunday, August 31, 2014

Magic Mountain

 Last week to celebrate one of my dear friend's 16th birthday, a whole bunch of people from church went to Magic Mountain for a day. Hannah and I are both terrified of roller coasters and most of our friends were a little nervous themselves. We spent the days before the trip in nervous anticipation :):)  Dad, Hannah, Sean, Scott, Tobin and I left on Sunday after church and spent the afternoon with Lacy. Lacy was determined to get as many people as she could onto all of the scary rides. Han and I remained unconvinced ;);)
On Monday we arrived at Magic Mountain at 9:30 and waited for our whole large group to arrive.
 They were playing Owl City at the front gate which made all of us pretty happy :) When we got inside the park we waited at Will Call for a little while. Us young people took "usies" For those of you who don't know what that is; it is a group selfie and I like that word alot :)
 Some of us got our pictures' taken with Daffy Duck and two superheros. I know very little about superheros but I like getting my picture taken with people. It is a nice memory even if you don't know them :):)
 We all rode on a rapids tube ride towards the begining of the day.  We all got pretty wet but I was soaked!!! My jeans were wet for most of the day. In the picture above we were all waving to the people going up Tatsu. That was probably one of my favorite rides of the day! I was super nervous waiting in line but ended up absolutely loving it!!! It felt like you were flying. Some of us rode it again later in the day. 
Some of my very daring friends went on Drop of Doom! My brother, Scott, also did it which really impressed me. I didn't do it because I am terrified of large drops and heights.

 A whole bunch of people also did Goliath which apparently is a very famous ride. I didn't do that one either but everyone who did it loved it.

 My other favorite ride was Full Throttle. It is the world's tallest and fastest looping roller coaster and it was AWESOME! I was a nervous wreck waiting in line but it was so worth it.

 My least favorite ride of the day was Wonder Woman. I didn't get sick but afterwards I couldn't walk in a straight line and everything was out of focus. It made poor Hannah sick but at least we did it at the end of the day.

At the end of the day we all got Cold Stone ice cream and tried to right our stomachs that were tired of being flipped, dropped and spun all day ;)
We then all said our sad goodbyes and went home. We drove Morgan, Trevor and Lily home which was alot of fun. We listened to Horse and His Boy.
All and all it was an awesome day spent with wonderful friends!!! Thank you so much, Hannah III, for inviting us all to join you :):)
P.S. Happy Birthday !!;)
P.P.S. Thank you Hanna and Lillian for the extra pictures :):) I really appreciate it:)


  1. It was such a fun day!!!! I had so much fun with everyone:) I agree, Full Throttle was AMAZING!!!!!!! (besides you and Han, who remained unmoved throughout the day) everyone was happy to go on all the scary rides without my prompting!!!!!:)

  2. That was a day to definitely remember!! I had so much fun with you all. I so wanna go back!!! But this next time, hopefully, I'll be more brave and courageous to get on (at least!) one big ride, but definitely not Goliath. ;)