Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hannah's 16th Birthday Party

Hannah is the most wonderful sister in the world. i am so grateful to God for her. I don't know what I would do without her. We have so much fun together. We are not twins but supposedly we look like twins. I think it is more the fact that we love to dress alike and we are always together. Anyways, on Saturday we had a birthday party to celebrate. For her birthday Hannah wanted to have an English Contra Dance with as many of her favorite people as could come. I think that a good old fashioned English Contra dance is one of the most social activities. Hannah had a wonderful time and she is very thankful to everyone who braved the freezing cold, snow and ice to come. I danced every single dance so I didn't get any pictures of the actual dancing but Sean took a couple pictures of the first dance which was a father daughter dance.
Hannah, Lacy and I
We danced the Virginia Reel first, 4th and 5th. It is such a fun dance and it is quite easy.
Actually I danced the father daughter dance with my uncle Spencer, who surprised us all by driving all day from southern California just to come to the party, because my dad danced with Hannah and his daughter is only one. He was a really great dance and conversationalist at the same time ;)

 Mr. Parish was our wonderful dance caller.
  We also did a dance called The Duke of Kent's Waltz. It was alot of fun; a little more complicated than the Virginia Reel but still fun. I had done it before in Colonial Williamsburg. We tried the Grand March and didn't do too badly.

 We did a quiz to see who knew Hannah the best. I will say that the quiz was rather difficult because I made it and I know Hannah better than anybody :):) It was fun to watch everyone discussing the possible answers.

 The winners were Ivy and Michelle for the 12 and under group and Hannah III and Lily for the older people. Good joy, girls!!!!
 My absolutely adorable cousin. She had so much fun dancing.

For a surprise Sean, Lacy and I sang a song we had worked hard on for 36 hours,  for Hannah. Her reaction was definitely worth all the work. And I would do it over again embarassment and all to see the look on her face when we started singing. Except I wasn't embarrassed. Sean and Lacy were such good sports to learn a song they had never heard before with only a days notice and sing it in front of people :) I am sorry for any inconvenience, Lacy and Sean. Dad videoed us singing but for some reason the camera woudn't focus but here it is anyway.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time. It was definitely a memorable night!!! Happy birthday, Hannah!!!


  1. This was such a great night!! no comment on that silly singer whoever he was. those girls did great job though!! ~Sean

  2. That was a blast!! Great pictures...except for the one with that girl in the blue. ;P Yes you made the quiz difficult... I did it with everybody's help. Sweet sweet sixteen! :D ~III

    1. The girl in the blue looked gorgeous!!! ;):) I am glad you had a fun time. We will have to do it together again sometime :):)

    2. Yes we definitely should! Now I know what I'm doing...sorta. ;) Weeellll we can practice. Haha, thanks! I'm glad Han didn't get the same shirt. ;)
      ~Hannah III

  3. Happy Birthday Hannah! It looks like you a had a splendid birthday!

  4. I'm glad you all had a grand time! To me, I think all the girls there look very, very, very pretty! ;) It looks like you had a special Bday ever, Han!! ;D Oh btw, can you tell Han I still have her Bday present that I really want to give her next time I see her, Em! I still haven't forgotten! ;)
    Again, happy 16th birthday, Han!!!!

  5. That was one of the best birthday parties I've ever been to. It was so good seeing you and Hannah! Happy Birthday Hannah!

  6. Happy Birthday Hannah! Looks like you had a joyous time!!! -MacyMakana <3

  7. That was such a wonderful night!!!! The quiz was hard. I guess I don't know Hannah as well as I thought!
    I would totally do the song all over again for the look on Hannah's face, but is was quite funny watching the video.

  8. Wow! Looks like yalls had loads of fun! Your song to Hannah was darling. :) I wish I could've been there! Miss you guys!

  9. Ps..who won the quiz? Do you think you could send me a copy of it online over email?