Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Have Arrived!!

Hi Everyone!! We have arrived safely at our grandparents house!! I am glad to be done with long days of driving but our trip here was fun.

 In Jackson, Tennessee we went to our favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel!!!

 The next day we went to the Casey Jones museum. If you don't know who Casey Jones is then I suggest you go research him :) He is a worthy historical figure.
 This is an actual confederate hat. It was picked up on a battlefield near Jackson.
 This is part of the little town that they have built around the museum. That train car is a real train car and there is a man in it with a christian library and he does counseling :)
 We also toured Casey Jones' house

 There was a model train station there too.
 Us four olders tried to reenact the four Pevensies in Prince Caspian :):)
 Then Sean, Hannah and Scott reenacted WWII loose lips propaganda

 Today we went to a little town called Beauford with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Spencer and his family. Nora is so big now!!!
 Elianna fell in love with the "baby" :):)
 Page and Scott are special friends :)
 Beauford is an adorable little town on the coast!!

 She is SOOOO CUTE!!!! And her hair is red :):)
Grandma and Grandpa live right on the water now. The sunset was gorgeous today!!
Forgive the Photomatix watermark :/

Tomorrow we leave for the NCFIC conference. We are all looking forward to it! I will let you know how it goes ;)


  1. Oh Hannah, I love seeing your beautiful braces-free smile!!! Loved all the pics!!! Looks like you all are having a fabulous time!!!

    1. I do too ;) She says thank you!
      I am glad you like all the pictures. Sometimes I wonder if I post too many :/

    2. For me, the more the pictures, the more I enjoy them!

    3. Oh good!! I am glad you enjoy them :):)

  2. Oh no Emilie, you can never post too many pictures! I love looking at them and seeing what adventures you all are having :) I hope you a wonderful time at the conference!!!!
    Love ya!

    1. I am glad you think so, Lacy!!! We are definitely having alot of adventures even if most of them are small ;)
      Thanks. So far it has been fun.

  3. Emilie, you don't post too many pictures! Keep posting them :) i love the Cracker Barrel!

    1. Ok I will ;):)
      Cracker Barrel is awesome!! It is one of the best things about the south :)

  4. Yay!! You're there! Big country, huh?
    Em, you do NOT post too many pictures! At all. I love seeing you guys!!! You are a wonderful photographer! I must say, there are some pretty adorable shots on here...*cough* Nora...she is just so cute!
    What river is that, by the way?
    Miss you!!!

    1. The country is rather big! ;)
      Thank you! I am glad you like them! :):)
      I know she is adorable!! She smiles alot and has this adorable little giggle :):);)
      I am not sure if it has a name... I do know that it is an inlet of the ocean that is near by. Also there are alligators in it :):) Sean and I are going canoeing on it sometime!
      I miss you too!!!

    2. Indeed!
      Absolutely adorable!! Ellie and Paige too. x-)
      Oh fun! Careful of the alligators...I want to hear stories of your trip but not stories quite THAT... exciting? ;D Are they as numerous there as they are in Florida?
      Hope you're having fun!!