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Hi, my name is Emilie. I am an 18 year old young lady who is striving to follow Christ. I live a busy life with my parents and my seven siblings and enjoy every minute of it.

 I love all my siblings but my sister is my very best friend. We do absolutely everything together. She is my role model and I don't know what I would do without her.

  I am a sinner saved by the grace of God; so I am not perfect. I do not have it all together. I make mistakes and struggle with the sin that remains in me but I am assured that He who began the good work in me will carry it to completion.

 I am odd but I think everyone is in their own way; I just wanted to tell you that so it might explain some things about my blogging.

Anyways, I am a homeschool graduate and oh so glad to be done with school!!! Since I have finished school I am busy with cooking, housework, taking care of my younger siblings, working as a bookkeeper and babysitter for some friends . If I have free time I enjoy reading, photography, practicing my violin and irish dance.

I am the daughter of a pastor; which brings it's own unique challenges to my life. I am learning to be a good example to the other girls in our church.

 I love traveling the US with my family in our 15 passenger van. I love the South and want to live there someday. One of my favorite places in the country is Colonial Williamsburg.

 I want to go to Europe, particularly England, Scotland and Ireland.

I love all things Celtic and I am happy to have Irish and Scottish in my background.

I am passionate about seeing history as a connected story of God's providence.  My favorite memories circle around history conferences and visiting historical sights.

I am an aspiring portrait photographer and I am blessed with a sister who is a wonderful model.

I love going on adventures with my family and friends.

 I hope to someday get married to a godly man who I will love forever. And together we can raise the large amount of children I would love to have

 I would love to live on a farm in the south with cows, chickens, horses, a big garden and lots of trees and room to wander. But that being said, I will probably end up living in an apartment in the city.

I love to sing, dance and make people smile.
 My hope is to live the life that God has given me to the very fullest and bring Him glory!!

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  1. Hi Emily! You look so beautiful in all your pic!:)