Tuesday, July 29, 2014

San Diego Visit and Baby Nora

 Baby Nora was welcomed into the world by 4 extremely excited siblings and three even more extremely excited cousins ;)

 Her brothers were very proud to wear shirts that proclaimed their status of Big Brother. Paige and Nora had matching dresses.
 Daddy got her all ready for her first car ride!
 First family picture.
 Hannah borrowed my camera and had fun with Elli :)

 She is quite the goofball sometimes!!!

  Nora's shirt says "Sweet like auntie" ;)

 Sleeping princess


  1. Nora is such a beautiful little girl!

  2. Awwww! She is so precious! I'm sure you and Hannah are so excited to have another girl cousin. How far apart are she and Paige?

    1. We were super excited!! They are 1 year and 50 weeks apart!