Friday, April 12, 2013

The Gindorfs Visit

Last week our dear friends the Gindorfs came to visit us from the far off land of Flagstaff. The stayed with us for one busy, fun filled, crazy week. It was wonderful. They arrived on Monday evening just in time for dinner. Maddie, Emma, Hannah and I stayed up till three in the morning talking. On Tuesday the Gindorfs spent most of the day visiting other friends in the area but in the afternoon us four girls were able to do a photo shoot with Sophie; which was a lot of fun.

 "Tree Huggers!!!" Actually I am told this picture was taken for the folks in Flagstaff to show them how big a real oak tree is."

 It is so cool; in this picture you can hardly tell who's hair is who's.

 Thanks Sophie for getting such great pictures!!!
On Tuesday night we stayed up till three in the morning again. On Wednesday we mostly just hung out at home. In the evening we had mid-week fellowship at our house.

 Every time we visit with the Gindorfs Hannah, Emma, Maddie and I try to make something daring in the kitchen since we all love to cook. Some times the results are delicious other times there were disastrous. So this time to prove our culinary skills we decided to do a fancy four course meal for our parents.
 Singing in the Kitchen!!!

 Our gorgeous table setting (good job, Han)
 Smashing garlic. We used two hole clusters of garlic!!!!
 Tomato basil bisque soup. Don't you like our lovely presentation??
 Our parents enjoying the meal. They said the food was awesome and that they would buy it in a restaurant and be happy. So I guess we can add this to one of our success stories. :)
That night we slept outside under the stars. There were so many stars outside and they were amazing so we listened to every song on our ipods that had anything to do with stars. We stayed up till two in the morning that night.
Friday was Tobin's 10th birthday. To celebrate we went to Skywalk with the Gindorfs and some other friends. Afterwards we went to Woodward park for lunch and Ultimate Frisbee.

The Gindorfs left on Saturday. We were sad to see them go. we had an awesome time with  you and I am looking forward to next time. :):)