Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

I have been tossing around ideas for the past two weeks on how to review 2013 on my blog. I wanted to do something creative, unique and not too complicated. To start the 2013 in review series of posts I will give you a basic overview of my family's year.

January: We started the year by getting sick. My whole family was sick for about a week all at once, all unable to get our of bed. Except for me. I only got a fever which was a blessing because someone needs to cook for everybody. I learned during that time how to make chicken noodle soup!!! We got better just in time for Grandma and Grandpa Steenson's visit. They treated us by taking us to Disneyland for three days. It was SO MUCH fun!!!  We all loved it.

February: In February I started eating all raw food which I did for 6 weeks up until my birthday. It was an interesting experience. We celebrated dad's birthday by cooking a very nice meal and getting all dressed up. Also Dad and us four olders (Emilie, Hannah, Sean and Scott) went skiing with our friends at China peak for the first time. That was alot of fun.

March: In March I turned 17. I didn't really want to turn 17 because I really liked 16 but it wasn't my choice. Also in March was one of our favorite events of the year; the Sound of the Trumpet conference. 
Before the Sound of the Trumpet conference my dear friend, Lacy came up for a visit. We had so much fun together making skirts, having tea and listening to Disney music!!

April: In April our dear friends, the Gindorfs, visited. We had a wonderful time with them; cooking fancy meals, going on photo shoots, dressing up in formal dresses and going to Skywalk to celebrate Tobin's 10th birthday.

May: In May I started doing the 313 project with Haley. (which I am still doing, by the way. I just need to post the pictures) Doing this project has really shown me my lack of creativity and has been a challenge but I have loved doing it. Grandma and Grandpa Sostrich also visited us in May just in time for our violin recital (which my mom had to remind me of because I have conveniently wiped that event out of my memory)

June: In June Dad took us to a Piano Guys concert. It was amazing!!! We all loved it and I want to go again next year. Grandma and Grandpa Steenson also came out for another visit which was good because We started crazily preparing for our upcoming summer adventure. We made historic costumes, cooked food, fixed trailers, packed, washed, ironed, charged, cleaned, chased fires, endured smoke etc. Elianna also got her first tooth. We left for our trip on the 26th. Our first stop was at our previously mentioned friends, the Gindorfs and their church camp.

July: we spent the whole month of July adventuring around the country  Some of the highlights for me were the History Conference, Colonial Williamsburg and the Creation Museum photography class.

August: In August Sean and Scott celebrated their 14th birthday. At the end of the month we had our church camp which is also one of my most favorite events of the year. It was a blast as usual. 

September: In September Dad and Scott went on a trip and Elianna learned to clap. I can't think of anything else exciting that happened. I was probably to busy with school and cooking to remember.

October: At the beginning of October Nathan celebrated his 4th birthday. We also went on a trip to Washington to visit Grandma and Grandpa Sostrich and attend the Family Economics conference. Elianna also learned how to sign please and shake her head no. Her vocabulary is expanding!! Mom also celebrated a birthday. And, my good friend Hannah III came over for a much anticipated sleepover and movie marathon. 

November: In November alot happened. Brendan turned 8 at the very beginning. Then my aunt and her kids came up for a visit and to help us get ready to host the Fatherhood conference. The conference went really well. We cooked alot of food and had alot of leftovers but I hope the talks were encouraging for the dads and young men. Elianna also celebrated her first birthday. She loved the cake and was wondering what she had been missing all this time. Mom and Dad celebrated their anniversary by going to dinner at the restaurant in the hotel where they were married. For Thanksgiving we went down to my Aunt and Uncle's house which was wonderful. Hannah and I made most of Thanksgiving dinner which was a new experience for us and only the roles didn't turn out!!

December: December started off with Grandma and Grandpa Steenson, Aunt Alana, Uncle Spencer and their kids and Lacy all coming up to help us celebrate Hannah's 16th birthday. For her birthday we had an English Contra dance which was lots of fun. Afterwards we went into the holiday season with gusto!! We have lots of holiday traditions including Christmas shopping at World Market, our church's annual hymn sing, listening to The Christmas Carol at night, us four olders putting on a play Christmas eve and sharing goodies with our neighbors across the street. On Christmas Elianna got Roseaolla, which she is almost over now. After Christmas Dad, Tobin and Brendan went camping in Berego for four days. And now here we are; preparing for new years, enjoying each others company in a loud sort of way and thanking God for all the many blessings He has bestowed on us this year. For everything is from His hand and we should give Him thanks!!


  1. What an eventful year! Great post!

  2. Nice job Em! You did a great job narrowing it all down! (better than I would) Haha, that sleepover was so much fun!! Happy New Year!!!
    ~Hannah III

  3. Great post, Em!! Happy New Year, btw!! :)