Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Home and 313 pictures!!

Yesterday we came home after exactly 5 weeks on the road!!! It was an awesome trip. We learned so much, met alot of people and had some new adventures. I documented the whole thing with about 2000 pictures so I have plenty to catch up on my 313 project with. Also Hannah and I are making a slideshow of the pictures and I am going to try to post. In forewarning this is going to be a very long post so it might take a while to read.

Day 47
Packing for the Trip
This  is a very exciting part of the trip. It is also a very crazy, disorganized and busy part of the trip but Hannah and I love it anyway. We brought a ton of food with us on the trip but discovered that it is easier to simply buy what you need along the way at grocery stores.

Day 48
Elianna and I 
 She obviously is not interested in the camera. The day before our trip was CRAZY!! I had a lot of food prep to do and I hadn't even begun packing anything. Hannah was very sweet and packed everything for me which was a huge blessing otherwise I probaly would have forgotten some very necessary items. We finished packing the van at 10:30 p.m and we were all exauhsted.

Day 49
Shadowy Heart
On the first day of our trip we drove to Flagstaff. We were really happy to be able to stay with the Gindorfs. Our drive was pretty much unevenful except for Nathan throwing up in Coarsgold because of either food poisoning or over excitement. We aren't sure which but it never amounted to anything.

Day 50
WooHoo I am half way to 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maddie, Elianna and I at Chick Fil A
Poor Elianna, she looks horrified :)

Day 51
At Vons!!!
On Thursday Maddie, Emma, Sophie, Hannah and I walked to Vons and got coffee and ice cream. We walked backwards all the way home. It was very fun and we got some very amusing responses :):)

Day 52
Hair Cuts
Hannah and Emma donated their hair to Locks of Love. They were very brave and I think they look lovely.

Day 53

 On Friday we went to church camp with the Gindorfs. It was great to meet all the people we have heard so much about :):)

Day 54
 Chili Cookoff!!!

Day 55
Hello in there
After the camp we drove like crazy across the country in order to get to Pennsylvania by Tuesday evening. This included driving for 15 hours straight, pulling into a rest stop and sleeping in the car for 3 hours then driving 18 hours more. 

Day 56
Music Night
In Pennsylvania we attended the History Of America Mega conference. It was awesome!!!!!! I loved every minute of it. We listened to imformative talks by many different speakers. There was music every evening. We watched a childrens play and topped off the event with a gala.

Day 57
On July 4th we went to Gettysburg for a reenactment. There was a ton of people there and there were thousands of reenactors. They did a live mortar fire demonstration which was really cool. 

Day 58
 "My name is Belle Edmondson"
At the conference there were about 50 historical reencactors playing different people from American history. Between sessions we went and met them, heard their stories and collected their signatures. On Mr. Phillips blog you can see a video introducing many of the reenactors.

Day 59

Jonathan Edwards

There were several reencators who did such a good job playing their part that I forgot I was talking to an actor and felt like I was talking to the actual historical character. Jonathan Edwards was one of them.  

O.K. I need to take a break from the computer because my head is begining to swim. I will continue posting later.


  1. wow...lots of excitement!!!

  2. Awesome pictures, Em!!!! Looks like so much fun! :)

  3. Wow! That looks like sooo much fun!! Gettysburg looks amazing! I love the picture "Fire!!!"! :D

    ~Hannah III