Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hannah in a Winter Wonderland

Friday, December 6th was Hannah's 16th birthday. Saturday, December 7th was the first snow of the season. That morning as soon as it was light outside and we could see the snow; Hannah, Lacy and I went outside for a birthday photoshoot. It was a winter wonderland outside. We stomped and clomped, slipped and slid around in the wonderful snow. With the sun and the clouds and the snowfalling off the trees everything was breathtaking. We had so much fun outside. The photoshoot also gave me an opportunity to catch up on my 313 pictures ;)
Day 170
 Day 171
 Day 172
 Day 173
 Day 174
 Day 174
 Day 175
 Day 176
 Day 177
 Day 178
 Day 179
 Day 180
 Day 181
 Day 182
 Day 183
 Day 184
 Day 185
 Day 186
 Day 187
 Day 189
 Day 190
 Day 191
 Day 192
 Day 193
 Day 194

Did y'all enjoy the snow? What is your favorite thing to do in the snow?


  1. It appears that you had a grand time in the snow! I LOVED having it down here, and there's still a lot on the ground! I like to just take pictures, but sledding is fun as well. :) And a good snowball fight is the best!

    1. We did have a grand time. Sledding and snowball fights are the best; especially with brothers :)

  2. Great pics! Tell Hannah Happy Bday for me!

  3. Oh that was such fun!!!!! The pictures turned out really nice. I loved the snow, especially since we don't get it at our house. Sledding, snow ball fights, and just laying in the snow.
    It was such a great time!!!

    1. We had such a fun time with you, Lacy. I am glad you got to be here for the snow :):)

  4. Happy Birthday to a BEAUTIFUL sister !!!!!!!!!!

  5. You took some great pictures Emilie! I am SO glad that we all got snow :-)

  6. You're getting really good, Em! They turned out well. Nice modeling. ;D Beautiful snow storm!! ~III

  7. Looks like you had a fabulous time in the snow! ;) I love snowball fights, especially when I have them with my brothers. ;) It gets kind of intense. ;P

  8. Lovely photos Em! I especially like day 179 & 189.