Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pictures Continued

Day 60
Saturday night our family was leaving the hotel where the conferance hotel and heading back to our hotel when our car began to beep at us. When we were stopped at a stop light Daddy turned the car off to restart it the problem was that when he tried to turn the car on it wouldn't start!! So here we are sitting on the ramp that enters the freeway and we can't move. Also there was no shoulder so there was no place for us to get out. Dad turned on our blinkers but our batteries died so we had no lights. That is when mom called the police so they could help us. We also called Mr. Brown to see if there was anyone who could come get us kids and bring us back to the conferance center. He sent a young man named Micah to help us. Micah helped us jump the car because our insurance company wouldn't tow us. We were able to get back to our hotel safely and our car started the next day which is a good thing because we had to drive down to Williamsburg to meet Grandma.

Day 61
Let's Take the Trolley!
With Grandma we toured Yorktown, Jamestown and Williamsburg. We spent one day at Yorktown, one at Jamestown and three at Williamsburg.

Day 62
This is a me and a sailor I met named James. I met him on board the Susan Constance. The ships were probaly my favorite part of Jamestown. I think old ships are cool (this ship isn't really old but it is a replica) Also at Jamestown I learned how to fire a cannon for the third time on the trip!! :)

Day 63
Cracker Barrel!!!!!
Here we are eating at one of our favorite restraunts in the country :):) Their berry pancake breakfast is awesome. I had it all four times we went :):) 

Day 64
Gazing into the Smoke
Williamsburg is one of my favorite places on earth. I could live in Colonial Williamsburg. The history there is amazing. I was so glad we got to spend 3 days there. We met my aunt and cousins there and we all had a wonderful time together. One of the days it poured rain several times through the day. It was nice to have it cool off but it made us all soggy noodles ;) One of the days we took dance lessons. That was really fun even though I already knew the dance we learned.

Day 65
Let's all Match :):)!!
When we were in Williamsburg in 2007 we met the guy on the right. Then he was in the fife and drums now he acts several different parts. He is a really good actor and Hannah wanted her picture taken with him, thus the picture.


  1. I love Gazing Through the Smoke. All the pictures are great too. Looks like you had an amazing trip!

  2. Looks AMAZING, Em!!!!!!!! Looks like you all had fun!

  3. It looks like you had an amazing time!! I'm so happy you're home!! I missed you!!!

    ~Hannah III

  4. Your trip sure looks like it was amazing! I sure wish that I could have gone to the History conference sine history is my favorite subject!

  5. I like your day 60 story! Sounds like quite the adventure ;). This is sort of random, I found your blog off of Brad Petersens (whom I am courting), so I was just curious as to how you know his family (:? Also, do you go to the NCFIC conferences in North Carolina in the fall?


  6. It was definately an adventure! We learned how each person in our family responds to crisis :) We met the Petersons in 2010 when our church hosted a NCFIC Road Trip conferance. Their whole church came and visited our church the Sunday before the conferance. As to the NCFIC conferances; my dad has been to all of them but I have only been to the White Unto Harvest conferance. My dad and some of my brothers are going to the Worship of God conferance but the rest of us will not be going :( Is your family going?