Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kiddos at Play!!

Hannah and I have been staying with my aunt and uncle for the past week. We are here to help take care of their kids while my aunt had a baby and as she is recuperating!! My cousins are lots of fun and Han and I have been enjoying ourselves a lot!!

Paige was the youngest of my cousins. She is like a little dutch doll with a firecracker personality. She is adorable

 Blake is four and he is awesome!!

This is Clay. He shares my birthday and is my little buddy.

Madden is the oldest and he takes his position seriously. :):)
 Elianna is just learning how to do slides and apparently she is much braver in that regard than the rest of her siblings :)
          Here they are, all together, waiting to meet their new sibling!!! :):)


  1. They are so adorable :) We need to get together when you and Hannah get back!

    1. I would say thank you but I have nothing to do with how adorable they are :) I love them lots though :)
      Yes we should definitely get together soon. Maybe sometime in August??

  2. Looks like you're having fun:) say *'ello* to the cousins for me. miss you lots.

    1. We are having tons of fun!! I miss you lots though :)<3
      I will tell them you said hi and they said they loved you :):)

  3. Your cousins are really cute!
    I miss you Emilie, I hope that I can see you soon Maybe??
    anyhow, I can not wait till I can see you again!!