Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Books I read in 2013

I love to read and I read alot. I was trying to read 50 books this year but I only made it to 48 :( I try to read more non fiction than fiction which i was succesful with thanks to alot of school reading :) Here is a list of all the books I read last year in the order I finished them.

  1. Boy Colonel by John Horn
  2. Brothers at Arms by John Horn
  3. The Ringmasters Secret by Carolyne Keene
  4. The Whispering Statue by Carolyne Keene
  5. The Secret at Shadow Ranch by Carolyne Keene
  6. Alec Forbes and His Friend Annie by George MacDonald (This is one of my favorite books)
  7. Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke
  8. Loves Enduring Promise by Janette Oke
  9. Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris (I think every young person has to read this book)
  10. Daughters of Destiny by Noelle Wheeler
  11. Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman
  12. Alone Yet Not Alone by Tracy Leniger
  13. Isle of Swords by Wayne Batson
  14. Isle of Fire by Wayne Batson
  15. Biblical Philosophy of History by R.J. Rushdooney
  16. Health for Godly Generations by Renee Degroot
  17. At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon
  18. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  19. Letters of Presidents and Their Daughters by Gerrard and Ann Gewalt
  20. My Heart's in the Lowlands by Liz Curtis Higgs (I learned alot about Scotland in this book and it made me want to go there even more!!!)
  21. The Wars of the Jew book 4 by Josephus 
  22. A Night to Remember by Walter Lord
  23. Whatever Happened to Penny Candy by Richard Maybery 
  24. The Wars of the Jews book 5 by Josephus
  25. Eat More Chicken; Inspire More People by S. Truett Cathy (This is one of my favorite biographies ever)
  26. The Lee Girls by Mary Collins
  27. What Was Life Like Among the Druids and High Kings by National Geographic
  28. A Queen for all Seasons by Linda Cobb
  29. The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank by Lindy L (this was the most depressing book I have ever read. The Hiding Place is WAY better)
  30. Sovereignty of God by A. W. Pink (This is a good book. It answers alot of questions)
  31. Biblical Economics by R.C. Sproul Jr (This and Whatever Happened to Penny Candy are the easiest to understand economic books. Everyone should read them!!)
  32. Hymns by William Cowper
  33. A Handbook of Etiquette for Ladies by Anonymous
  34. The Law by Fredric Bastiat
  35. Adam Smith by E.G. West
  36. My Father's World by Michael Phillips 
  37. A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux
  38. Foundations of Social Order by R.J. Rushdooney
  39. Move to Loose by Chris Feyteg
  40. Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow (this is another one of my favorite biographies ever!!)
  41. The Secret of the Lost Settlement by John Horn
  42. A Ladies Handbook of Etiquette by Florence Hartely
  43. Black Heels and Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond
  44. Trim Healthy Mama by Serene and Pearl Allison
  45. Walter Sherwoods Probation by Horatio Alger
  46. The Mystery of the Haunted Bridge by Carolyne Keene
  47. Kisses for Katie by Katie Davis
  48. The Bible by God


  1. Wow that is a lot of books!!! Good job Em. I tried reading a lot of books last year, but I did too much other things to get that many in. Your list gave me good suggestions though!!!!

  2. The "Love Comes Softly" books are some of my favorites. I also love Nancy Drew and Jane Austin. Thanks for great suggestions!

  3. Goodness! How blissful!! Reading is such a solace.