Tuesday, January 7, 2014

313 Pictures

Good evening to all you wonderful people!! As I mentioned a couple posts ago, one of my New years resolutions was to take a picture every day. I have been doing pretty good at that so far (which is good since it has only been a week since I made that resolution :P) It helps that I have been keeping my camera on my dresser so it can stare at me and remind me every time I go into my room that I need to take a picture. I had forgotten to mention on my new years post that another one of my resolutions is to be a better blogger. Which means I won't forget I have a blog and go for weeks without posting anything. Anyways, here are my most recent 313 pictures. I am sorry but they are not as creative as my friend Haley's most recent pictures. I have been focusing on portrait photography; thus all the people pictures :):)

Day 207
 Lying in the Leaves

Day 208
 This Little Light of Mine

Day 209
Arms full of Light

Day 210
 Pretty Girl, Typical Pose

Day 211
 The Warmth of Winter

Day 212
 My Small Prince

Day 213
 Hannah II

Day 214

Day  215
 Circle of Friends

Day 216
Cutie Pie!! I love his chubby cheeks!! ;)


  1. Great job em! You pictures are beautiful, and Han is a great model!! Love the pigtails!!!!!

  2. Hi Emily! We really enjoy your blog! This is totally off subject to your post here, but we were wondering if you could do a post on skin care?
    Thanks, Mrs. Haverly

  3. Lovely pictures Em! I really like day 212.

  4. Great pics! I especially love Day 123! ;)