Friday, November 1, 2013

Portland's Sweet and Savory Quesadillas

When we were on our way home from Washington we stopped for dinner at a restaurant in Portland, Oregon. For an appetizer we had theses sweet, savory and spice quesadillas that sounded rather unique. They had sweet potatoes, black beans, jelly and jalapenos in with the cheese. We asked to have the jalapenos on the side because some of my family members do not like spicy foods and the combination sounded a little bit too weird.The quesadillas actually turned out to be really yummy; really, really yummy.So last night since we had leftover sweet potatoes and black beans so I decided to try recreating the recipe. Here is what I did if you are getting hungry thinking about it ;):)

First dice up a couple peeled sweet potatoes.
Forgive my ugly dicing. My sweet potatoes were a little over cooked so they did not chop up nicely. Good thing they are going inside the quesadillas.

Next spread a thin layer of jelly on a tortilla. We used strawberry because that is what we had on hand but you can use any flavor.

 Now put a different tortilla in a heated up skillet.

When it is heated till just flexible, flip it and sprinkle some cheese on it.

Then sprinkle on some black beans

 And some sweet potatoes

And more cheese

 Then top the whole thing off with your jellied tortilla
 When the bottom side is golden brown and slightly crispy, very, very carefully flip the whole thing over. Try not to loose all your lovely fillings in the process.
Grill the other side till slightly crispy.

Slice and serve.

I am giving you this recipe so you don't have to go to Portland to try them. Portland is not on my top "visit" list. No offense to anyone who lives in Portland. I am sure there are some great places there but the section we were in was very pantheist, new age and humanistic; if you could combine all those into one place. It was funny seeing the restaurant managers face when she commented on how many kids we had and we told her that we were trying to repopulate the world since the worldwide birthrates are imploding :) I forgot to mention that this restaurant was very doggy friendly. In fact they had a dog menu and if your dog wore their special bandanna to the restaurant they would get their meal half off :) Needless to say, I don't think she was really thrilled about the thought of us repopulating the earth. She was nice about it though and their food was good.

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