Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Healthy Eating Society

Every Monday a group of four healthy minded, fun loving individuals gathers together at lunch time to eat handcrafted salads, drink healthy frappes and discuss healthy topics. They call themselves "The Healthy Eating Society". It was founded in February 2013 on a normal Monday afternoon. It was founded in an effort to promote healthy eating and lifestyles and to add interest to Monday afternoons. One of the members made them all personalized t- shirts to identify themselves. They meet outside in the patio area but with chilly weather coming on that will probably change. (freezing frappes + freezing weather = freezing HES members)
A typical meeting starts with them all in the kitchen making their own personal salads. I would like to say that it is a neat, orderly affair but that would not be the truth since two of the members are 14 year old boys who have little experience in the kitchen. They have very memorable kitchen disasters to relate such as the pepper grinder spilling and emptying half it's contents into one of the members salad bowls or the frappe maker mistaking the arrowroot powder for something else and putting it in the frappes. After everyone's lunch is prepared they convene in the patio area (aka. the blowout) and officially begin the meeting with a prayer and roll call. They spend the next hour discussing various enlightening subjects and generally enjoying each other's company. One day they decided that there needed to be a pictorial record of the society's existence so they asked their honorary member, who is always unable to attend the meetings to take some pictures. Here are some of the ones that were taken.
 Their meeting place
 Together with their shirts
 The backs of the shirts
 Did I mention that they are a fun loving group? ;)
 Even though this picture is rather out of focus it captures the different personalities of the Healthy Eating Society.
 It is very difficult to take "selfies" with a DSLR camera :):P

That is the Healthy Eating Society. It is an odd, eccentric group that is bursting with energy and life but they are happy and glad to be together. If you are ever with them on a Monday afternoon feel free to join them; they would love to have you as an honorary guest.

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  1. Haha you all are very funny! Full of expressions as in each pic. ;) I miss you all very much! Seriously. I can't believe how time flies. It's amazing!