Monday, July 6, 2015

Musical Monday: He's a Pirate by David Garrett + Some Pictures

 Our 4th of July was unique this year. We had fun fellowshiping with some friends for the afternoon.
 Our steaks caught on fire so they cooked in five minutes flat. I am glad our neighbors didn't call the firefighters due to the billows of smoke coming from our house :/
 Hannah made us a patriotic fruit salad and one of our friends brought pasta salad. YUM!!!

Let me introduce you to Will. He is the sweetest and funniest cat.
 This is Elianna's "mean guy" face ;)
 I am trying to grow an upside down tomato plant this year:) It is my one and only attempt at gardening this season. I have this weird thing with naming things that belong to me so I named my tomato plant Belinda. Now if I could just keep the deer from eating her :/
 Playtime with my sweet little sis!!!:)
Do you all have a garden? If so, what is your favorite thing to grow??


  1. I just watched the video you posted and wow that was amazing!!

  2. Oh, I love your photography, and Belinda is a beautiful tomato plant!! :D My very favorite houseplant is my violet, and we're hoping to start a garden if the Lord grants us a new home.

    I hope you are all doing well, and you are in our prayers! :)