Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Trip to Washington and Other Happenings

 Warning!!!!! This is a very long and picture filled post.

There is this beautiful, green place north of us called Washington; and we (my family and I) made a journey there two weeks ago. We had a lovely time with my grandparents as we hiked, swam and drove through gorgeous landscapes.

 This little girl loves Minnie!!!! She even has Minnie ponytails in her hair :)
 There was snow on Mt. Shasta!! What a refreshing sight to see!!:)
We spent our first night in Medford Oregon at a hotel with a water slide!!! ooooohhhhh!!!
 We arrived safely at our grandparents cozy home in the woods.
 They live near a large lake called Lake Cushman. It is there that we went swimming a couple of times. Us four olders had a wonderful time swimming to islands and trying to balance all four of us on a floating log :):)

 We took a two day drive around the Olympic Peninsula. We took lots of little hikes and got to explore several fairy forrests.

We also got to go to the beach!!! However Washington beaches are not like California beaches. In Washington the beaches are rather cold, cloudy and rocky.

We stopped by this beautiful old lodge that had a lovely view of a lake. They had an old piano there that Sean enjoyed playing.

 When we returned home from our short excursion we went on a boat outing with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and their friend.

 The lake was beautiful and it was a perfect day for a water outing. That is until the engine broke. We spent half an hour  sitting on the lake waiting and hoping someone would come and rescue us ;)

 Thankfully a man did come in his boat and towed us as close as he could get to the dock.
 And dad and Scott pulled us the rest of the way!!! :)

 In our down time us four olders played INTENSE games of Dutch Blitz. It was so much fun but I give fair warning to whomever wishes to play Dutch Blitz with us...... you have been warned.
Hannah, Grandma and I also played our traditional game of Scrabble. Well at least, we started. We were only half way done when we were interrupted. However, at the time of being interrupted I was winning :):)
Sadly we had to leave our grandparents wonderful home because our own home was calling us. On our way home we went outlet shopping at some outlets somewhere in Oregon. It was very fun and I even found my happy store!!!:):):)
We spent the night at the same hotel as we did on our way to Washington. This time we actually got to try the water slide!! :) 
For Father's Day we took Dad to Wingstop (one of his favorite places to eat) 
I am just now realizing that I never got a picture of all of us with him. Bummer.
However I got a couple of pictures of these cuties ;)

We arrived home to immediently welcome some old friends. It had been 15 years since we had seen them last and we were so excited to get reacquainted.

 We even enjoyed a large water balloon fight!!

 And we enjoyed their ADORABLE dog, Harvey :):)

After trips and fun times life must return to it's usual pace (though in our family I have yet to discover what usual is) which includes orchestra rehearsal. We are prepping for our exciting July 3rd concert so if any of you are interested in Star Wars, Cowboys and/or patriotic music please join us!! :):)

Mine and Hannah's first dance recital was last week. We had a ton of fun performing for the first time!!

 And last but not least of my exciting news is, I GOT A NEW LENSE FOR MY CAMERA!!! I am so excited about it!!!! Here are a couple pictures I have taken with it.

And that is all for now folks!!! Thank you for bearing with my very long posts.


  1. Wow! I loved looking at all the pictures :) That's exciting that you both performed in your first dance recital! Where does your concert take place? Hannah, you look really pretty with glasses :)

    1. I am glad you enjoyed them!!:)
      Our concert is in Mariposa. It is going to be an outdoor concert!:)

  2. I am enjoying your blog Emilie. Thanks for posting the photos and journal of your trip northward. We hope to see you again soon! Love Aunt Neecie and Uncle Johnnie

  3. Yay... I loved your long post Emilie!!! I really enjoyed all the pictures!! It looks like you had a ton of fun and lots of adventures:)
    Wish I could come to your concert.

  4. Wonderful pictures. We really enjoy your Blog. Love you lots!!