Sunday, December 21, 2014

What People Really Need For Christmas

When we were at Cracker Barrel one time on our last trip I found a chocolate bar with a wrapper that made me laugh.
If you can't read what it says,
"Things we really want for Christmas:*
1. World Peace
2. Muscle Tone
3. Clean Laundry
4. Money Trees
5.Super powers
6. Self - acceptance
7. Toe curling love
8. A few do overs
9. Tropical Vacations
10. Healthy Gums
11. Weight Loss
12. One of Everything
13. Happy Families
14. Perspective
15. January

*But most people will settle for chocolate.

It amused me because it had a point. What we really want you can't buy, wrap up and put under a tree. But we will settle for lesser things and act as if it is the best gift ever. If we did have all those things do you think we would truly be happy for the rest of our lives?  Probably not because vacations end, laundry will get dirty, muscle tone will go away and we will only be able to stay away from food we love for so long. The truth is that there is nothing in this world big or small that will make us truly happy forever; not even life long, true love. There is only one thing that will bring us life long happiness and joy.  Christ Jesus. He has promised that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  In Him we have our true peace and joy.  After all, it is His birthday we celebrate at Christmas.  So as nice as clean laundry, muscle tone, and true love is, all these are just temporary extra blessings we might enjoy here on earth.  What about you?  Have you found true peace from your sin?

P.S. This post was written with the help of my brother, Sean :)

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