Wednesday, December 10, 2014

15 Days till Christmas!!!

Christmas time is in full swing over here. Hannah has decorated our house in a beautifully festive way. We put up our Christmas tree on Sunday. Christmas carols are almost constantly playing and Mom has an advent calender that she uses every day to teach Nathan and Elianna what Christmas is all about :):)
Also my wonderful, lovely, amazing sister turned 17 last week. You all already know how much I adore her. For her birthday she went to Starbucks and had chili cheese fries for dinner :)
Anyways here are the pictures from my photo challenge. I have been doing my photography course with the New York Institute of Photography and I have learned alot already. So hopefully you will see an improvement in my pictures soon ;)

 Something Cold

 Something I Made

I made these butterscotch popcorn bars for church on Sunday. I think people liked them because they were all eaten ;):) They were pretty simple to make just I really dislike working with hot sticky marshmallow goo. I had forgotten that till I made these bars :) 
 I am working on my food photography right now and this is my favorite one I have ever taken!!:)


 Something Furry

This is our newest cat Williamsburg (Will for short) He is sooo sweet and is Hannah's baby. He was not impressed with me putting a bow on his neck and taking pictures of him :)

Christmas Baking

What is your favorite Christmas activity? Do you have a special holiday treat that you make every year?


  1. I love this challenge you're doing! My favorite Christmas activity is baking, and a treat we make every year is loaded peppermint bark!!

  2. Despite the fact that i don't epecially like cats i think the cat picture is my favorite :)

  3. Lovely pictures!! My favorite Christmas activity is making gifts and wrapping gifts:) We don't have a holiday treat, but homemade marshmallows are my favorite during the holidays!!

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