Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Last Leg of the Journey

Day 73
Packing the Trailer
Almost everyday Dad had to repack the trailer due to the amount of stuff we need to stay the night someplace :\ Actually it wasn't that much; four suitcases, six pillows, one briefcase, a laundry bag and three sleeping bags.

Day 74
I See Shadows
This picture was taken in Amirillo Texas. I am not sure who the other shadow with me in the picture is. It might be Tobin. He is not a huge fan of having his picture taken yet he loves to photo bomb. 

Day 75
What's That?
We arrived in San Diego just in time for my absolutely adorable cousin's first birthday. As you can see from the picture she wasn't to sure about the whole ordeal but she LOVED the strawberry cake her mommy made her.

Day 76
This is my wonderful aunt and uncle. Aunt Alana is my mom's sister. She is also my mom's youngest sibling. My Uncle Spencer is a marine and an absolutely awesom uncle.

Day 77
Waves, Sand and the Absence of Sun
One day we went to the beach with Aunt Alana, Uncle Spencer and our cousins. I love the beach and I wouldn't mind living a little closer. The day we went it was quite cloudy and the water was rather cold so I only got my feet wet. The boys, however, built a large sand fort which only got destroyed five or so times!!!

Day 78
Birthday Boys!!!
The last day of our visit we had a "surprise" birthday for Uncle Spencer, Sean and Scott because their birthdays are three days apart.
P.S I am sorry about the strange lighting on Uncle Spencer's face. The setting sun was rather brilliant.

Day 79
Pretty as a Princess
This is Paige wearing her mommy's dress and posing by her grandma's piano. Isn't she a cutie? She could be a Cambell's Soup baby :)

Day 80
The End of the Road
So that is it folks!! On Tuesday, July 30 we arrived safely home exactly five weeks after leaving. We had an awesome trip. We learned alot, met new people, caught up with old friends and made many memories. This picture was taken in Lexington, VA in front of the presbytirian church Stonewall Jackson attended.



  1. Awesome pictures, Em! You definitely have a adorable cousin! Paige is so cute! I love her name too! ;)

  2. Day 76: most adorable couple.