Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Self Portraits Around the Country

Hannah and I enjoy taking a pictures of ourselves together so this trip we tried to take pictures of ourselves in key locations around the country. We weren't quite succesful in the "key locations" part but we did get some pictures in interesting places.

First day of the trip with our seat partner
Enjoying the sun in sunny San Diego :)
VMI with General Jackson coming up between our heads!! :):)

Day 81
Jack in the Box somewhere in Arizona

Day 82
The Pacific Ocean!!!

Day 83
Creation Museum

Day 84
Comfort Suites in Amirillo Texas. You don't know the troubles we had getting this picture

Day 85
This is us in colonial Williamsburg saving colonial America from dangerous internal spies!!


  1. Hahaha! Sweet! The very last picture of you girls saving America is cool! I remember Han texting me about you both doing that! I'm so glad you guys are back!!!!! :)

  2. Fun!!!!!!! I like the first picture the best :)

  3. How fun! You girls are so cute. :) I love the pictures! Also, Emilie, I am loving your hat!!!

  4. I love all of the pictures. You both are so pretty!