Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Sean and Scott!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday August 4th Sean and Scott turned 14!!!!! Wow, it is hard to believe that my little brothers and playmates are 14!!!!! They are growing up to be such wonderful young men and it is really neat to watch them grow in their walk with the Lord! I am so proud of both of them.
here are some pictures of them that I thought I would share with you all on this special occassion.
 This is the "four olders" in 2006.



 Here is the "four olders" in 2013. This is us at one of the Healthy Eating Society meetings.

 Me and my pals!

 Don't worry, they were posing. :)
Happy Birthday Sean and Scott! I love you guys!

This post was done by Hannah.


  1. Thanks Han! That was sweet! it made my day!

  2. Happy Birthday Sugar Creek Gang! Haha

  3. Happy Birthday, Sean and Scott!!!!!!!!! Although I saw you all Sunday! :P And Han, great pictures!!!!!!! Wow! It's so amazing to see how you all have grown up! Seriously! Especially Sean and Scott! :)

  4. Happy b-day, Sean and Scott!!!! Great post, Hannah!!! I agree with Hanna^^^ It's so weird how everybody's growing up! ;P
    Wishing you a very happy fourteenth year!!
    ~Hannah III