Thursday, December 20, 2012


On December 6th it was Hannah's 15th birthday. For her birthday I took her to a neighbors yard for a photo shoot. I was going to post some of the pictures sooner but we have been super busy so here they are now two weeks later.

There were pictures I liked better but she got to pick which ones I posted.
I also want to take this post to say how much I love Hannah. I do not know how I would survive without her. Since we spent 14 years being the only girls in our family we are really good friends. She is my best friend ever. She knows me better than anybody but she is very sweet not to use that against me. :) She is a very loving and caring person. She is also full of life and when she is excited about something it is evident. She loves to act  in fact she and I are planing on how to put that to use in our own movies since the boys aren't really into making movies with girls in them right now. :) I love you, Hannah. Happy belated 15th birthday!!! Remember 15 is a great age. :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Hannah! Beautiful pictures Emilie.

  2. Thank you, Audrey! Oh and thanks for signing your name. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Hannah! Well at least happy birthday plus a month!

  4. Haha... Thanks, Brad!!