Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy December!!

Happy December everyone!!! I can't believe it is December already. I told you that I would post more pictures of Elianna but she is always either sleeping or eating so it is hard to get pictures of her. Here is one of the best ones I have taken.
Since it is December now fall is over even if it doesn't officially end till the 21st. Besides all the beautiful autumn leaves have blown away. So these are the last fall pictures you will see from me.

We had a wonderful rainstorm at the beginning of the week. Actually it was 5 days long. I loved it. i really enjoy bad weather. But when the storm was over the clouds were amazing. I wish I could have taken a picture from an airplane because the view from above must have been breathtaking. 
At one point the clouds looked like waves breaking over the mountain.
Daddy, Hannah and I went to a Civil War country dance at our friends ranch. It was so much fun. Hannah and I made Civil War era work dresses for the dance.

Anyway, happy December again!! It is the last month of 2012 so enjoy it.

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