Thursday, April 26, 2012

Home School Choir Concert

The other night my family went to the homeschool choir concert down in Fresno. This choir is the biggest homeschool choir in the state. We greatly enjoyed the concert. They are amazing.

The Junior High Boys Choir singing a song from "Newsies"
The Junior High Girls Choir singing "Think On Me". My friend Audrey had a solo. She is the girl on the far right in the front. She did a great job!!

The Highschool Boys ensemble singing "Fix You". Jeremy (right) had a solo. He did a great job also!!

The Highschool Concert Choir singing "Blessings" by Laura's Story. It wa
 s almost better than the real thing. Actually maybe a little better. :)

My friend Hannah  (left) is in the concert choir. Good job Hannah 1!!

Also I had a wonderful surprise! My dear friend, Maddie from Arizona was there. I was very happy.

Thank you to my sweet sister, Hannah for the amazing pictures. :)

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  1. Oh, wow! I just saw this post under popular posts and thought I'd check it out. Like all of those junior high boys and girls are the seniors in choir now lol :D And, my brothers (they're in the youth choir) sang Think On Me this year. It's so funny to see everyone from choir back when they were so little way before I knew them, haha! :D