Saturday, April 14, 2012

Boundary Lines

"The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a godly heritage."
 Psalm 16:6
     My family read this verse in our family devotions a few days ago. Daddy told us that in this verse the word "lines" refers to boundary lines. It struck me that David is rejoicing in the boundaries that God has set for him. He is happy living within the boundaries. We as young people have boundaries set by our parents and those in authority over us. Sadly I have seen young people who kick against the lines set by their parents. They think they will be happier and more free when they are free from the restraint of authority. But as we can see by the unhappy and hopeless youth all around us they are not much happier. In fact they become more miserable the farther away they go. It makes me think of sheep in a fence. Inside their fence the grass is green and their is plenty of shade and water. The sheep are very happy until they begin to look out over the fence. On the other side the grass looks greener and they would be free. the sheep grow very discontent. They can't understand why the shepherd keeps them inside the fence. One day they kick down the fence and run free outside. They are not out very long before they realize that the area surrounding their fence is filled with wolves. Now it is too late. If the sheep had been content with their boundaries they would have been fine. As young people we may bot understand why our parents set the boundaries they do but we must trust that they have our best interest in mind. It is the same as Christians. God sets boundaries for us and He leads us in them. Let us be like David and be content inside our boundary lines.


  1. You know what is interesting, is I was reading an AW Tozer book (Experiencing the Presence of God) and he was just talking about man's sinful view of freedom vs. the true freedom that is found in God. I thought he had a good view on it, as do you here! :)

    1. I know. I think people's definition of freedom is the ability to run their own life and be accountable to no one. good for you for reading AW Tozer!! He is and excellent author.