Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

Today is my Daddy's birthday. I will not tell you how old he is but he is not old at all. Since it is his birthday I have decided to dedicate this whole post to tell you about him.

 My Dad has been married to my mom for twenty years.

 So far they have seven children. Daddy loves his family and he seeks to be a godly leader. He has taken us all over the country on family vacations

 Daddy loves history and he shares his love with us by taking us to different historic landmarks. We have been to Plymouth, Boston, Washington.D.C, Gettysburg, Fort Sumter and many other places. 

Daddy is also the co founder, pastor and elder of a smallish, reformed, family integrated church. He is a loving shepherd to the families in our church, teaching, discipling, counseling and leading. He preaches the best sermons (their a little long perhaps but I am used to it and they are worth it). He has also preached at several conferences.

My daddy is also the director of two charter schools that support homeschoolers. He is a godly witness to lots of people every day.
I could go on and on. I could tell you about how much he loves reading or I could talk about his love for Yosemite and the outdoors.

 Yes, I could go on but I just want to say that  love my Daddy and I am very thankful for him.
                                                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! 

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  1. Great post, Emilie! Thank you for sharing about what a blessing your dad is. I am thankful that both of our fathers are friends. Happy birthday, Mr. Cox!