Saturday, May 30, 2015

Summer Time is a Comin!

Tomorrow is the last day of May and since Memorial Day it has been feeling very much like summertime.  I like the idea of summer like swimming, ice cream, laid back days, vacations etc. But I really, really do not like the heat of summertime so needless to say I am not ready for summer.
Here are some of my recent pictures. Most of them are of Elianna. That is because she is my current favorite photo subject ;)

 Today the littles played in the hose to cool off.

Are you looking forward to summer? What do you like or dislike about summertime?


  1. I love summertime! I mostly like swimming and getting to see my public schooled cousins more often. Other than that I'm not sure why I really like it but I'm pretty sure it's my favorite season :D

  2. I Love summer!!! great pictures Em!

  3. Oh the the sun, heat, and sunburns....we redheads have the worst of it. I was doing chores outside yesterday from about 9 until 11 and it was torrid the whole time. I had a nice sunburn when I came in.
    I've heard that a lot of places in Europe don't have air conditioning so I'm hoping it won't get unbearably hot. I'm definitely going to invest in a hat before we leave.

  4. Yay for summer!!! I dislike the extreme heat of summer but I love the carefree days that come with summer!!!! This summer is special to me because it means I will be graduated:)
    Great pictures, Elianna is super cute and it's not wonder you like photographing her!

  5. Summer is so much fun! It smells like fresh wildflowers, warm grass, sun tan lotion, bug spray, chocolate chip cookies, library books, heated granite, chlorine, and even sea spray! It can get a bit miserably hot, but it's made up for by the absence of school. ;)
    Hahahaha yes, I'm not a redhead, but I do have to deal with farmer's tans and a more-than-rosy nose and cheeks. ;)
    Ellie is so cute! I love the fourth picture!