Tuesday, May 19, 2015

April/May Happenings

Hiya Everyone!!! April and May have been very busy and filled months for us. I am going to try to get back into a routine of blogging so here goes. Prepare yourself for lots of pictures!!! ;);)
ooooohhhhhh goody!!!

 Nathan started learning how to read. He can now read most three letter words!!!
 Best Buddies!!!

 Han and I LOVE whipped cream and our Starbucks has been doing an exceptional job at giving us a satisfactory amount on our drinks :):)

Elianna has a very sophisticated fashion sense ;)

 We got some snow at the end of April which was a huge blessing!!!

 Over the week of the sound of a trumpet conference Han, Sean and Scott were gone helping the Parish's get ready for the conference. That left me to take care of the rest of my family ;0 On one of the days Dad and I went for a lovely hike in Yosemite.

 The conference was lots of fun and I am sure it was a blessing to all who attended. You can read a more detailed post by my sister about it here and there you can see some of the pictures I took whilst there.

 We had our spring opening concert at the end of the month. We were privileged to play in the beautiful Ahwahnee hotel for our second concert.

 Healthy Eating Society Day!!!!

 This is my motto for busy times ;)
 Nathan likes to take "selfies" :)
 On one of our family walks I found this lizard and named him Pascal. (yes I know, the real Pascal is a cameleon but we don't have cameleons here so lizards must suffice)

 On Mother's Day we went to the zoo after church. You can read a more detailed post about that here as well :)

 Han and I finally got our irish dance shoes (they are called ghilles) It is so exciting!!!! For us anyways....

 Last week we went to Disneyland for a minnie family vacation. We had a ton of fun despite the rain.
 I got to ride Splash Mountain for the first time. I loved it but I was rather shocked at the drop so I completely failed in mine and Han's intended pose :/

 I finally found a sign that summed up my thoughts perfectly!!!

 The castle was amazingly gorgeous!!!! I  love it and I hope they keep it decorated that way for a long time!!

 What is Hannah late for??

 We are FLYING!!!!!!!
 The gorgeous castle at night.

 We saw ducklings!!!

 Loose Lips sink Ships.
 Elianna had a wonderful time and was a complete trooper through rain and long days and crowds.

 So that brings me to the present day. If you made it through all those pictures, Congratulations. Like I said, I will try to post more regularly so as to avoid long, spanning posts such as this one. 
Anyways.... TTFN.... Ta Ta For Now!!!


  1. Glad you are back to blogging Emilie:) I absolutley loved your long juicy post with lots of pictures!!!!! Looks like you had a blast at Disneyland!!!! Elianna is such a cutie:)

  2. Yay!! Long picture posts are my favorite!!! Goodness, you and Han are so pretty <3
    I'm glad you've been having fun :)
    Can't wait to see you both!!
    P.S. One of the photos looks like it was taken during orchestra... ;);):):)

  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere! I enjoyed looking at all the pics. It's cool that you named the lizard Pascal :) How did you do your new blog design? It's a lot easier to navigate from my tablet now :D