Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some 365 Pictures

Hello Everyone
Here are some of my 365 pictures that show what we have been up to recently.
 Two weeks ago Brendan was baptized after becoming a christian in November!!!!!!!!!
 Every year for Dad's birthday we make a big dinner; so food was on my mind thus the pictures ;)

 Doesn't he look so happy about his cake??
 I was experimenting with my depth of field settings.
 Toys of our childhood :)

 My brothers have had one of their friends visiting this week which has been fun. On Sunday the boys are supposed to clean the kitchen but I am not sure what they are doing while Han cleans the dishes ;):)
 Nathan fractured his arm the other day so now he has this cool orange cast.
 And his sister Elli is always ready to take good care of him :)

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  1. Lovely pictures Emilie!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing:)