Monday, February 2, 2015

Musical Monday

I LOVE this version of Amazing Grace. 
The movie clips are from the movie Amazing Grace (surprise, surprise). If you haven't seen it, you should. It is really good and pretty much historically accurate. Also it stars Ioan Gruffud which is great :)

 Working Hard Together and Studying for Graduation
 Pretty Girl in Red
Grandpa and His Girl


  1. Love all the pictures! As for the song... it's a very wonderful song, great video... my family went through a phase where my mom played this song all the time :D

  2. Great Pictures Emilie!! As for the music video, it was amazing! that is one of my favorite songs. Great job!!

  3. I LOVE that version too!! Chris Tomlin's voice never gets old. Hahaha I saw that movie a couple of weeks ago...I'd never seen Ioan Gruffud before, but I recognized like four other actors/actresses. Cumbersome Benedict pops up everywhere...;P

  4. Lovely pictures em! I had a nice time with you, and it was fun "helping" Hannah with her school!