Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentines Day, y'all!!!  It is every single person's favorite holiday..... not.  Since I have no "special someone" in my life i am spending my day at dance and violin practice and spending time with my family. oh yeah, and eating lots of chocolate all by myself ;)

Since I was about 15 or 16 I have been asked regularly if I have a boyfriend or if I had my eye on any one. That question used to really bother me for some unknown reason. But now when people ask me that I just smile and tell them, "no because I would rather wait for one VERY special person than mess around with a lot of only sorta special people." After that they usually give me a blank stare unless they are older then they say "Good for you. I wish my granddaughters thought of that." or something to that effect.
All this to say, my decision not to have a whole bunch of boyfriends before I find "the one" is not a very popular one in our culture. I think that in our culture romance, marriage and relationships are so tweaked, messed up and trivialized by sin. I mean, look at how high the divorce rate is in our country and how many people aren't married till they are in their thirties. I think it shows you that something is seriously wrong with how we do this whole thing.
If you listened to the song I posted with this then you would hear the lady calling for a return to the old ways of romance. Back when Christ was at the center of our relationships and marriages, where we respected each other and where pure hearted romance wasn't laughed at. When you saved yourself  for one special person. Back when guys tried to win girls hearts with gallant behavior and patient courting. I move that we all go back to a time of love letters, asking the dad's permission, flowers and accountability. There is something so lovely sounding about a pure hearted, slightly old fashioned romance. It is something worth waiting for.

So girls, if you don't have a boyfriend, husband, significant other , etc. don't be bothered by that. I can almost guarantee that he is out there and that he is worth waiting for. Waiting for him and not messing around with other guys will save you from alot of heartbreak. Yeah, sometimes heartbreak is unavoidable but I think that the way our culture does dating fosters a lot more heart break than necessary.(just judging by all the quotes on Pinterest about dealing with heartbreak it seems to be a pretty prevalent problem) Stay accountable and in communication with your parents. They want the very best for you and have alot of good advice. Someday some dashing (or normal) guy is going to come and sweep you off your feet or he may just sneak up behind you and suddenly you realize he is there.
And to any guys reading this, you are really out of my depth so I don't know what to say to you other than listen to your parents. They are smarter than you may think.

The End

P.S. Even if you are single Valentines day is a great day to focus on the other special people in your life. Your family for instance. Remind them that you love them and do something special for them. I mean, why waste a chance to celebrate something. There is a holiday so let's do something with it :):)

Are you doing anything special for Valentines Day?  Do you think that we can use any of the "old fashioned" approach to romance?


  1. Thank you so much for this post Emilie :) I really enjoyed the music video and I totally agree with your article. When people ask me if I have a boyfriend my answer is usually, "Well ya, duh... I have a bunch. There's my dad, my brothers Peter Wesley and Jack, my grandpa, my friends from my soccer team, my cousins..." Maybe your answer is better though :D Lol. I'm curious what type of dance lessons are you taking?

    1. Haha, I tried saying something to that effect once but the person got all confused and it took way to much explaining ;)
      I am taking Irish Dance lessons. They are alot of fun.

  2. Thank for this post Em! I completely agree! Our culture says if you're not in a relationship, there's something wrong with you or you're not worth much. Yet if women stopped throwing their hearts away at every corner, when "Mr. Right" does come along, they will be able to give him a pure and unblemished heart that's wholly his. When that happens, it's such a beautiful thing! Also, listening to your parents is so important! Often times, if we are twitterpated, we are blind to red flags that a relationship might have. Our parents are like our compass, guiding us through.

  3. Irish dancing does sound fun. Ya, one of the people I gave that answer too got all annoyed and then avoided ever talking to me again... :D

  4. Emilie, since for some reason whenever I post on your blog it logs in as you, I will identify myself. This is your dad.
    Wow sweetheart, I am so very honored! How did this happen? How did a broken old sinner like me get such a sweet, honorable and WISE daughter?! I praise the Lord for these things and for these very, very sound words!

  5. Great Post Emilie! We need more girls and guys who will have the courage to stand up for what is right. our relationships matter and thus we need to go to Scripture, wise counsel, and blog posts like these to help guide us in our pre- wed life. ~Sean

  6. You're becoming quite the writer, dear!! This post encouraged me so much! Your words hit home like rain to parched earth. :)
    I love the music, a lot!! It's so true.
    Haha! My family has given up asking if I have a boyfriend, what with my adamant reply, "HAHAHA. No." ;P
    Happy Valentine's Day right back at ya, and see you soooon! x-)

  7. Thank you so much for this post, Emilie. It was so encouraging, and I am so thankful that you are willing to stand up for what you believe in and know is right. I don't really get asked if I have a boyfriend, but I'm glad to know what you say, to help me if I ever do get asked!!!