Friday, January 2, 2015


New Years is the typical time when everyone takes a deep breath, writes some resolutions then dives head first into the new year. But unfortunately by March most people have either forgotten all about their resolutions or have thrown their hands in the air saying that there is no way they can keep them. I think the reason most people give up on their resolutions is because they are not very specific with them. "Exercise more. Read more, Be a better person." are all nice goals but they are not very specific. I don't think many of us remember how much we read or exercised last year so thus we have nothing to compare it to. "Exercise twice a week" is a more specific and measurable resolution. You can easily keep yourself accountable to the resolution of reading one book a week. If you have given up on the idea of making New Years "resolutions" because you can never keep them; then may I suggest trying again this year and making them more specific. There is nothing like a New Year to help you try again, start over or reboot. I wrote my resolutions down in my favorite notebook so that I would see them often. I have also found that trying to get a few friends and family on board helps keep you accountable :):) Here are a couple of the resolutions I made this year.

1. Write down 1000 things that I am thankful for. (I broke this one down to writing 3 things a day)
2. Take a picture a day every day of the year.
3 Read through the One Year Bible without missing a day.
4.Workout at least 4 times a week.
5. Read 60 books this year. (This breaks down to about one and a half books a week.)

Did you make any resolutions this year?? Do you find being more specific with your resolutions helps you keep them? 

Day 2
 Frosty Glass


  1. One and a half books a week? Fun! I don't really have as much time for reading as I used to now that I have so much schoolwork which is kinda sad... What type of exercising are you doing?

    1. Yeah, that is what I am going to try for at least :) I didn't have a whole lot of time to read when I was doing school either. I don't actually have a whole lot of time to read now either but I think it is important so I am trying to make time. As to exercising, I do a modified version of the Tracy Anderson method. Han and I also walk two dogs every morning.

  2. Those are great resolutions Em. Out of amazement, how to you manage to read one book a week?!
    I didn't make any resolutions this year except write down 1000 things I'm thankful for, but since I'm doing it with you, you already know about it:)

    1. I am going to try to make time to read. I read pretty fast especially when the book is interesting. I have already finished two books and am working on my third :):)
      I am so glad you are writing 1000 things with me!! It will help me stick to it ;)

  3. Those are good resolutions! In the past I've never been able to keep mine. Maybe it's because I've never been very specific or maybe it's because I'm just lazy. Anyway this year is gonna be different. Haha, Can I have a New Years resolution to keep a my resolutions?
    Anyway here's my list.
    1. Finish making my truck road worthy and start driving it.
    2. Read through the bible in a year without skipping a day.
    3. List 1000 things I'm thankful for.
    4 read at least one nonfiction Christian inspirational book (don't know what else to call it :P) a month.
    5. Do a bible study every month, which will tie in in with my bible reading or the book I'm readings that month.
    6. Get my EMT license
    7. Get a job as a firefighter and/ or do volunteer firefighting.
    Well there you have it! Yall keep me to these, ok? :P.

    1. Those are some great resolutions!! Last year was actually the first year I ever kept one of my resolutions (reading the Bible in a year) I am hoping to do better this year :)
      Thanks for writing 1000 things with me. It will help keep me accountable :):)