Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Begining of Our October/November Adventure

Hello from Arkansas!!! Here everything is green and gas is under three dollars!!:):) We are on the third day of our October trip an we already have had alot of fun.

We had saved pretty much all of our packing for Sunday afternoon. So after taking leave of our friends at church we packed, organized and cleaned until 11:30 :)
 We got a new trailer that is much bigger and more fun than our old one.

My sister, Hannah, was the most organized among us. I couldn't believe how detailed her lists were:)
 This is my backpack. I needed to make sure I had enough reading material for the next six weeks! :):)
 We left our house at 5:00 in the morning. Excited as we were most of us slept until we were in Bakersfield. Our destination was Flagstaff and we planned to arrive there at 5:00. Driving to Flagstaff really takes you through the section of California that makes you wonder why in the world people considered California the promise land :/ We ate lunch at a little park in Needles that was right on the Colorado River.

We arrived in Flagstaff at 6:00. I went to a medical language class with Maddie. It was interesting. We stayed up till 2:30 chatting that night. I was really too busy to take pictures so I will have to make up for it on the way back ;) We left the Gindorfs in the morning. We drove through New Mexico most of the day. I guess it has it's own type of beauty. Too little trees, water, grass and mountains for my liking though.
It was our longest driving day and we crossed two time zones.

It rained for a while when we were driving. It  has been a long time since I have seen a good rain!! :) Also we stopped at a gas station where gas was only $2.75!!!! 
We arrived in Amarillo, Texas at 11:30 Texas but to us Californians it only felt like 9:40.

 Elli was so happy to be out of her car seat!! She has been a good little traveler though :)
Dad woke us up the next morning (today) at 7:00 Texas time but it felt like 5:00 to us. We had a good amount of driving to do today so we wanted to get an early start. I slept all the way through Texas and woke up in Elk City, Oklahoma. In Elk City there is a cool Route 66 museum that we went to last summer. We liked it so much that we revisited it today. They have a little transportation museum with cute old cars in it. Then they have a small town outside that represents Elk City in the early 1900's. They also had a little museum about a family who is in the rodeo buisness and has been for a long time.
 In the transportation museum they had an old fire engine that Ellianna really liked.

We spent our whole day driving through Oklahoma. Tonight we stopped in one of our favorite places right on the border of Arkansas. We had dinner at WingStop which is the reason this is one of our favorite places. Their wings are sooooo good!!! Now everyone is getting ready for bed in our hotel room.... well they are supposed to be; Tobin and Brendan are kind of going crazy. I guess they are burning all the energy they have from being in the car all day.
Anyways, while we  are on our trip my family is trying to memorize Psalm 91. Here is what we have memorized so far. FYI I typed this by memory ;);)
"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, 'My Refuge and my Fortress; my God in whom I trust.' For it is he who delivers you from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly pestilence."
With that, Good night y'all!!! :):)


  1. Looks like y'all are having a great trip so far!!! Thanks for posting lots of pictures and keeping us updated. My favorite picture is the one of Ellianna and the hat, you captured more than just a reflection, it's has a story behind it that seems different from the rest of the pictures.
    Han had an amazingly detailed list but that is like her:)
    Elli doesn't look so happy about the big trailer but you know, packing at 11pm is stressful for the wee ones.
    I hope the rest of your trip is fabulous!!!!
    I love hearing all about your trip...I love road trips and it brings back memories just hearing about yours!!!

    1. You are most welcome!!!
      The story behind Elli and the hat is that it was 12:00 at night and she was going a little crazy with all of her car energy. She was trying on my hat and started posing for me in the mirror. She loves to pose for the camera :):)
      The story behind her not looking happy in the trailer picture is; Nathan and Brendan jumped out to scare me when I came out and they scared her to when they did so. She started crying right as I took the picture :)

  2. Looks like fun! That museum looks really neat. I definitely know what it's like when brothers start going crazy at bed time :D i was sad i didn't get to see you last Saturday at the reenactment. Have fun on the rest of your trip :)

    1. Haha I am sure you do :):)
      Yeah I was sad about that too. I heard it was alot of fun though!!
      Would you mind resending me the invitation for your blog? For some reason I can't get on via the first one you sent.

    2. I'll resend it. No problem :)

  3. Thank you so much for the update!! Now I don't have to sit here wondering where in America you are and what on earth you are doing. ;) Wow that looks tiring! But fun generally is... Tell Han I applaud her amazing organization, and everyone hello! Ellie looks so cute in the museum!!! Especially with the sticker/badge/thingy? ;)
    May the drive be scenic, may your books and music and audiodramas etc be entertaining, and may the hotel rooms be comfortable...and have good free breakfasts. ;P
    Tu me manques! ;D

  4. You are most welcome!! Haha fun can be tiring and strange as it may sound driving for many days in a row can be tiring!
    Thank you! The best free breakfast was at a Homewood Suites in Fort Smith Arkansas. Their free breakfast was so good (think scones, breakfast casserole and strawberries and whipped cream to go on your waffles!!)
    Tu me manques!!! :)