Friday, September 6, 2013

Finally Some 313 Pictures

I have been horribly behind on posting my 313 pictures. I am very sorry about that. We started school a couple of weeks ago and I am still trying to figure out how to manage fitting everything into one day.

Day 97

 Boys and Their Cookies
On the day I took this picture (about 2 weeks ago) the littles and I made chocolate chip cookies. They were very proud of their masterpieces :):)

Day 98

My Pretty Sister

Day 99

Shadow Self Portrait
I have a fascination with shadows that is why you see a lot of pictures of them.

Day 100!!!!!!
The Light Meets the Dark
I made it to day 100!!! YAY!!  i guess if I made it this far there is no turning back ;) To celebrate day 100 I posted a picture that I messed around with Photoshop on. It is hardly Photoshopped; i was mostly just tinkering around in some of my very rare free time.
Day 101

My Little Camper
Elianna went on her second camp trip last week at our church camp. She enjoyed it greatly because she loves being outside and mom couldn't put her down and when mom needed a break there was a group of little girls willing to push her around in the stroller. What more could a baby ask for?

Day 102
There is something so wonderful about campfires. I feel safe around them. They make shadows flicker and dance and they are a great place to gather around.

Day 103
 Narrow Depth of Field

Day 104
Isn't this so true of the day in age we live in? Just go ask any random person in town.

Day 105
 Selfie!!! :)

Day 106

Deep in Thought
Either that or he is not pleased with the camera being there :):)

Day 107
 5:55 P.M
This is for all my friends who love triple digit times.

Day 109

Hannah (again)

Day 110
 I am so blue without you.

Day 111
Happy Days
There I am caught up and I posted a picture of each of my siblings. *sigh* what a wonderful feeling to be all caught up :):)


  1. Haha! Ellie is adorable, Em! That's a awesome picture of her! ;) Church camp was SO awesome!!! I LOVED it! :D

    1. Thank you. Yeah church camp was great!! i am so glad you were able to come!!!

  2. Great pictures! I know what you mean about trying to fit everything into one day....I'm still figuring that out too!

    1. Thanks! Haha If you have any tips I would appreciate it :):P

  3. Great pics Em! The one of "the light meets the dark" could be a book cover!! Wish I could take pics like that...;P

    ~Hannah III

    1. Thanks, Hannah III. I am glad you like it. If you ever need it for one of your books you can have it ;)

  4. Great pictures!:) Yay, You made it to 100!:)

    1. Thanks Melissa!! By the way, it was great seeing you last weekend!!!

    2. Your welcome:)! It was great to see ya'll too last weekend!!:)

  5. Great Emilie! Where did you find Day 104's picture?

  6. I love the campfire picture!

  7. I took it at the Creation Museum. Have you been there?