Sunday, May 26, 2013


Today my dear friend, Maddie graduated from high school!! I was going to do a post for her birthday two weeks ago but I was traveling so I was unable to do it. So to make up for it I am doing a post for her graduation.
Maddie and I have been best friends since we were both 7. Our dads worked at the same school and were part of starting the same church. Maddie and I are a like in ways but we are also very different in ways. We both are the oldest in large families (so we know what all those responsibilities are like) We were both saved around the same time and were baptized on the same day (in our jacuzzi which served as the church baptismal for many years) We both are big readers and dreamers. We have a passion for cooking (and we are both about equally messy in the kitchen!! See, I am not alone) We love the outdoors. We love to travel, explore and have adventures. We are music fanatics and that might be an understatement. We both enjoy discussing the Bible and things about God and even though we agree on pretty much everything in that area we still practice our apologetic s tactics on each other :):P I won't really go into our differences because we don't like to dwell there but I will say that the saying "opposites attract" (actually it is not just a saying, it is a scientific law. Physics) is true in our case and we compliment each other perfectly despite our differences. Maddie has taught me a lot about living life to the fullest and fearing God rather than man. She helped me out of my extreme shyness and helped me learn to be outgoing and friendly.
Almost 3 years ago Maddie moved from Oakhurst to Flagstaff. We had to learn how to keep up a close friendship over hundreds of miles. We have sent each other lots of letters, hundreds of emails and we are racking up the numbers on texts :):) We have also spent a lot of hours on the phone (though in my opinion twice a month for about 45 minutes is not nearly enough) 
Here are some pictures of us together.
 This is us at a pilgrim feast and a colonial feast we did for history. We also did an Egyptian feast and a medieval one but I couldn't find the pictures from those. I will have to look a little harder.

 Us trying on fun hats. Aren't they (the hats) cute?

Congratulations on your graduation, Maddie!!! You are an wonderful  friend.

"Like a bird without wings that longs to be flying. Like a motherless child left lonely and crying. Like a song without words. Like a world without music; I wouldn't know what I'd do, I'd be lost without you watching over me." :):)

"I thank my God for you  in all my remembrance of you"
Philipians 1:3


  1. Oh my dear Emilie:) Thank you sooooo much for the sweet post. Yes, we go way back and I wouldn't be who I am without you. I love you so much! Oh, you had a picture of the Colonial feast! I had forgotten about that one..but I have a bunch of pics of the Egyptian and medieval feasts:)I wish you had been here yesterday! You are so precious to me, Em.

  2. Great post, Em!! Yes!! That's sounds totally like Maddie!! Thanks for the reminder of her graduation!! :)