Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 5

O.K I have not forgotten about the 313 project though I haven't posted any pictures for 8 days. YIKES!!!! I have been super busy and I also went on a short trip so I have an excuse. :):) Anyways here is my Day 5 picture.
                                                                           I love you!!
Hannah wrote that with glow sticks!! We had so much fun together playing with glow sticks last week. :):) This was our first attempt to draw with them for a picture. We are going to try again sometime and hopefully get clearer results.


  1. Cool! I like how you captured the swirling colors. How long was your exposure?

  2. I used a 30 second exposure. I am going to try it again sometime with a longer exposure.

  3. I really like that.:) A friend did that for me one time, but she wrote my name.

  4. Very creative, Em!! That's really cool!! :)