Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thoughts on Mother's Day.

Today is a day when most people take time to show their mothers how much they love them. It is a good thing that we take time to honor our mothers. They are probably the most important person in our lives (think about it, they were the ones who carried you for nine months, gave birth to you and poured they lives into you until you left home) thus they deserve all the honor and love we can give them. The Bible says, "Honor your Father and your Mother, that your days may be long on the land that the Lord your God is giving you." I have found a few poems that I wanted to share with you in honor of our mothers.
The first poem focuses on how high a calling a mothers is. Today in our culture motherhood is looked down upon and considered secondary but that is not how God sees mothers.

Your High Calling 

Mother, whoever you may be,
You may think long and earnestly
Of your high calling.Pondering 
The undreamed honor of the thing;
Learning how God, through you, would plan
To be well known to every man.
And through your arms would gather fast
The whole world to His heart at last.

By Fay Inchfawn

This next poem is for the mothers of large families.

Nobody Knows But Mother

How many buttons are missing today?
Nobody knows but mother.
How many playthings are strewn in her way?
Nobody knows but mother.
How many thimbles and spools has she missed?
How many burns on each fat little fist?
How many bumps to be cuddled and kissed?
Nobody knows but mother.

How many hats has she hunted today? 
Nobody knows but mother.
Carelessly hiding themselves in the hay - 
Nobody knows but mother.
How many handkerchiefs willfully strayed?
How many ribbons for each little maid?
How for her care can a mother be paid?
Nobody knows but mother.

How many muddy shoes all in a row?
Nobody knows but mother.
How many stockings to darn, do you know?
Nobody knows but mother.
How many little torn aprons to mend?
How many hours of toil must she spend?
What is the time that her day's work shall end?
Nobody knows but mother.

How many lunches for Tommy and Sam?
Nobody knows but mother.
Cookies and apples and blackberry jam-
Nobody knows but mother.
Nourishing dainties for every "sweet tooth"
Tottling Dottie and dignified Ruth
How much love sweetens the labor, forsooth?
Nobody knows but mother.

How many cares does a mother's heart know?
Nobody knows but mother.
How many joys from her mother love flow?
Nobody knows but mother.
How many prayers for each little white bed?
How many tears for her babes she has shed?
How many kisses for each curly head? 
Nobody knows but mother.

By Mary Morrison

Kissed His Mother

She sat on the porch in the sunshine,
As I went down the street-
A woman who's hair was silver,
But who's face was blossom sweet,
Making me think of a garden,
When in spite of the frost and snow
Of bleak November weather,
Late, fragrant lillies blow.

I heard a footstep behind me,
And the sound of a merry laugh,
And I knew the heart it came from
Would be like a comforting staff
In the time and the hour of trouble,
Hopeful and brave and strong,
One of the hearts to lean on,
When we think all things go wrong.

I turned at the click of the gate latch,
And met his many look;
A face like his gives me pleasure,
Like the page of a pleasant book.
It told of steadfast purpose,
Of a brave and daring will;
A face with a promise in it,
That, God grant, the years fulfill.

He went up the pathway singing,
I saw the woman's eyes
Grow bright with wordless welcome,
As the sunshine warms the skies.
"Back again, sweetheart Mother."
He cried and bent to kiss
The loving face that was uplifted
For what some mothers miss.

That boy will do to depend on
I hold that this is true-
From lads in love with their mothers
Our bravest heroes grew.
Earths grandest hearts have been loving hearts,
Since the time the earth began;
And the boy who kisses his mother
Is every inch a man!

By Christian Intelligencer

So, as our church bulletin reminds us today, "Children kiss your mothers. Husbands praise your wives"

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!! I love you.

The poems I found in Verses of Virtue by Beall Phillips and published by Vision Forum

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