Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten P's In a Pod

     My family loves to travel around the country. All nine of us fit into our fifteen passenger van, with our utility trailer attached to the back. Inside we cram everything we need for our five or six weeks of travel. Oh yes, we get funny looks when we pull into a gas station or rest stop and our van seems to explode, children, books, shoes, water bottles and pillows tumble out. But we have lots of fun. 
     In the book, Ten P's In a Pod  by Arnold Pent III, you meet one of "America's first modern homeschool families." This family of ten traveled around the country in the 1950's, before the days of fifteen passenger vans and trailers. They traveled in two station wagons and a beat up pick up truck, sharing the gospel through music and reciting scripture. Arnold Pent II led his family in family devotions three times a day, thus many of the children had most of the Bible memorized. This family performed at hundreds of churches all over the U.S. and they were broadcast on the radio and television. In their travels the Pents had many faith testing and often hilarious adventures. There were times when they simply had no more money to go on. Then there was the time they were snowed in and had nothing to eat but beans. The Pents were a godly family, full of life, who are an example to many christian, homeschool families today. Your faith will be strengthened as you read this humorous yet insightful story.
      Ten P's In a Pod is published and sold by Vision Forum.

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