Friday, June 3, 2016

Roaring Camp Reenactment 2016

For Memorial Day weekend my family, along with some of our friends, went to the Roaring Camp  Reenactment. It was a blast!!! The scenery was gorgeous, there were more people than last time and there was a dance!!! Hannah and I decided that reenacting is probably one of the most amazing hobbies :) We get to combine our love for history, acting and people into one awesome weekend!! Because I was living in the 19th century the whole time I did not take any pictures but my lovely mother did! Here are some of (actually more like alot of)  my favorite pictures.

What did y'all do for Memorial Day???


  1. Looks so fun!!!!! I love all the clothing!!! Who is the young man in all the pictures who isn't part of your family? :)
    The dance looks amazingly fun...if that's a word.

    1. Which one? There were four.

    2. The one in the picture with Hannah is Jacob. He is the acting captain.

  2. I just love the very first picture so much!