Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pictures and Stuff

Happy Spring Everybody!!!! It has been gorgeous spring weather here which is very inspiring. I have been loving it!! Here are some of my most recent pictures documenting recent events (and by recent I mean, in the past month)

In February us four olders and dad reenacted in a small, semi local reenactment. It was mine and Hannah's first reenactment that we actually reenacted in. We had so much fun!!!

Thanks to all the rain we had during the winter, everything is lovely and green right now!!!

 I turned 20 last week and I celebrated my birthday in true 20 year old style: with a disney princess birthday:):)

 Yesterday we went on a field trip to the JPL and the Reagan Presidential Library along with a whole bunch of our friends.
 I loved the Reagan Library!! So much to see and learn and the grounds were gorgeous!!

 The future president of the United States and his favorite lady!!!

 On our drive home we ate at this adorable old fashioned ice cream shop!! YUMMY!!!
What have you all been up to?? Are you enjoying spring??


  1. Hi Emilie! I just love all the rain we have had lately! You took some really cute pictures;) What have I been up to....well we are putting in wood floors this week;)!!!!!! God bless.

    1. Thank You!! Putting wood floors in is fun!!
      Yes, I would love the link to your blog!:)

  2. Would you like the link to my blog?

  3. I love the pictures of Hannah that are so green and beautiful! It's sooo awesome how you celebrated your 20th bday ;)

  4. How Fun! I like picture number 1 and 10 the best!


  6. I like the post! 1,13, and 29 are my favorites :)