Monday, April 6, 2015

Long Time No Post

Hi Everyone!!
I am sorry I pretty much vanished for a few weeks. I have been very busy and blogging has been rather low on the priority list.Sorry :/
So let me see, what has happened since I last posted????
On St. Patrick's day I celebrated my 19th birthday with and Irish themed birthday :) Han and mom made me the beautiful chocolate cake in the picture.

 Every day I get an email that tells me what to take a picture of that day. Sometimes I try it other times I don't.

 Spring has sprung here. Everything has bloomed and is now in leaf. I have even gone swimming already. I think it might of hit 100 degrees last week but today it is rather chilly.
 This is our cute little town as viewed from the mountain.

 Last week we celebrated one of Tobin's friend's birthday on a ranch. It was beautiful there. We went fishing and I caught a fish for the very first time!!

 Last week my dear friend, Lacy came and paid us a short visit. We maximized the time and had so much fun together.
Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday!! We had a very nice service and heard an excellent sermon on the resurrection in Acts 2. After church I took a picture of the children from each family. I did the same thing last year. 
 This is Group 2 for church music. We were really excited to be able to play for Resurrection Sunday!!

 Yesterday was also Tobin's 12th birthday. He had an airplane themed birthday. I can't believe he is 12... that sounds old... at least I remember when that seemed old.

 Did you all do anything special yesterday? Did you have an age that you used to always think seemed so old and grown up?


  1. We went to church yesterday, there was a potluck and Easter egg hunt :) Every year we go to a family reunion the day before Easter. It was a lot of fun! Hmm... I think every age seemed old to me until I was that age or older haha :D It was neat to see your family picture from last year and the one from this year!

  2. Thanks for posting Em!!! Your pictures are beautiful. I had such a fabulous time with you!!!!
    Yesterday we went to church and then had a few friends over for lunch, in the afternoon my brothers and I went to a gathering at one of the church family's house.
    I use to always think that college students were me it seem impossible to ever be done done with school and reach college. And now, we are all college age and it's a crazy thought for it doesn't seem old any longer :)

  3. Thank you for the post Emilie!! Us poor readers were starving for your wonderful updates!! *sniff* ;P
    13 seemed old to me when I was like 7...but high schoolers were always the exotic breed of tired, grumpy, and stuck up humanoids...
    That picture of you four olders and Tobin on the road looks like an album cover from the 90's. ;D