Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 32

Day 32
Time is ever ticking

Time goes ever on and on. We can never reclaim it once it is gone so don't waste it and dont try to speed it up. Thank God for every moment you have.
P.S. can any of my photographer friends tell me how long my shutter speed was for 
this picture ? :)


  1. Time does tick away! That's why the Bible talks about redeeming the time... which I agree! Life is short! We're here today and gone tomorrow! :) If I was a photographer, I sure would tell you... but I'm not! :) I'm a commentor! ;)

  2. You are right, Hanna, that is why the Bible compares us to grass.
    Haha, yes and you are a wonderful commenter at that :):)

    1. Sure does, Emilie!! Haha! I knew something didn't seem right! ;)