Saturday, August 25, 2012

Catch Up Post

I am so sorry it has been so long since I posted last. I had some technical difficulties that made it so I could not post. But now thanks to Daddy, I can post again. Isn't wonderful to have a dad. They can solve almost any problem a daughter can find herself in. I feel sorry for daughters who don't have a good relationship with their dads. they don't know what they are missing. But that is aside from the point. During the time I could not post I have been saving up pictures to show you.
At the beginning of August our very dear friends the Gindorfs came to visit. Hannah, Emma, Maddie and I had a wonderful time together and we made the most of our very few days together. Every time we visit each other we try to make something daring in the kitchen. First it was doughnuts (that was a disaster I am not going to write about) since the first try was a disaster we did doughnuts the next time they visited and they were delicious (although we felt very much like Homer Price) This time we decided to decorate cupcakes (if you know us you know that is quite daring) They actually turned out nicely. they even resembled the picture in the book.

The finished product. His name Old Swampy.
We didn't just make cupcakes we also stayed up till 4:30 in the morning (we do have pictures but I am not going to show them to you) some of us played Masterpiece till past midnight and we talked and posed for pictures just to make sure we would never forget our time together.

Also in the beginning of August we started school again. As our tradition we took our school pictures on the First Day of School.
Emilie - 11th grade

Hannah - 10th grade

                                                                         Scott - 8th grade
                                                                        Sean - 8th grade
Tobin - 4th grade

                                                                    Brendan - 1st grade
                                                                    Nathan - preschool
                                                               Lex Christi Regit Academy

With the technical difficulties resolved I will start posting regularly again. I am sorry about the delay. ( Maybe it was just more frustrating to me than anyone else :)


  1. Wonderful, Emilie! I love it when you post so many pictures! Yes, we all had a wonderful time with your family! Our visit with you is one of the "few things" that I will actually post about our trip.:) We will see when that happens, though. <3

  2. The picture of Nathan is sooo GOOD! Great job!

  3. Nice!
    I love Nathans hat, That's Awesome!